Yes, Tom Udall is the Most LIBERAL Senator in the Senate

 Posted:  October 30, 2014

A year back, The National Journal took the time to rate all 100 U.S. Senators on their political ideology. As the linked article below by a very progressive blog states, “New Mexico Senator Tom Udall was the Number One Most Liberal Senator”.

As this progressive Website correctly states, “Udall has been a reliable vote for progressive issues ranging from filibuster reform to immigration to environmental issues …”

“He is a progressive hero.”

We have always known that Tom Udall campaigns as a moderate, as a bi-partisan legislator, as a man of the people. We have always seen through his votes that none of this is true. Check out some of his votes in the Benchmark Votes section of this website that can be reached by clicking on Tom Udall’s face on the icons.

If you think Tom Udall is a moderate, you will be mistaken.

Take what a progressive news source says so clearly; Tom Udall is a progressive liberal who thinks more like Eastern blue states, California and Oregon voters than rural New Mexicans.

Whether it is his stance on abortion on demand, gun confiscation, opening the borders for anyone who wants to come over, cutting food stamps and giving farmers subsidies, voting to let Wall Street and big banks do even more gambling with your money, he is no conservative.

He might put jobs as an issue on his website but he has made votes that hurt the middle class and sent companies overseas instead of staying here.

Is New Mexico a liberal state or a more moderate state?

Resolving this one question might help you make a better choice this election.

If you don’t like liberals, just stay home.

They will get the message.

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