You Are Making Tom Udall’s Lawyer Friends Wealthy

 Posted:  June 22, 2014

According to Project Vote Smart, a non-profit, non-partisan Congressional watchdog and information website for voters, Tom Udall had a 100% favorable rating by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. This means they really really liked Tom Udall and in 2009-2010 gave him their highest vote of approval for his votes supporting their positions.

It also turns out, in looking at numerous reports on donations to Tom Udall’s campaign funds, lawyers contribute a huge amount to his efforts to get re-elected.

This makes a lot of sense because Tom Udall’s votes and positions on immigration, energy, healthcare, banking, insurance, tax laws, environment, all favor lawyers. They put the government in direct conflict with private enterprise and force people to hire lawyers, maintain expensive legal staffs, go to court to protect what they have. Tom Udall and his lawyer friends make a lot of money when they change laws. When you are for regulation and central planning the ripple effect on the economy is striking.

Tom Udall has never voted for tort reform on any issue, takes huge amounts of money from lawyers and law firms, and continues to push for laws that benefit the legal trade.

When you vote this November, you might ask yourself whether this country needs to have more engineers or lawyers? Does this country need more or less laws? Does this country need more litigation or less litagation? Does this country need another lawyer Congressman who is in the pockets of lawyers and hangs out with a political class that are also lawyers.

These days Congress has to pass a bill before we learn what is in it. Isn’t it time to send Tom Udall, the lawyer, home to private practice where he has to earn his money instead of spending yours?

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