You Know What GMO’s Are …

 Posted:  June 24, 2014

You just don’t know that Tom Udall voted NOT to require Monsanto and other companies to label Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) in the products they sell.

In the recent signing of the Farm Bill of 2014, Tom Udall forgot to mention that the BILL he signed did not ask that GMO’s be labeled in food products. This was similar to the fact that the Farm Bill of 2014, that he signed, cut food stamp benefits. The Farm BILL that he signed also increased subsidies to farmers and helped private insurance companies that sell crop insurance to farmers all over the country.

What he did sign yes to were Amendments to the Bill, proposed before the Bill’s final vote that asked that food stamps not be cut and GMO’s would be labeled.

These Amendment votes, as well intentioned as they were, DO NOT COUNT.

Tom Udall signed the final version of the Farm Bill of 2014 that cut food stamps to the poor and refused to make Monsanto and other GMO companies label their products.

To us, that means Tom Udall signed a bill he did not agree with and signed a bill that created circumstances that he voted against on the Amendments.

What we want to know is why Tom Udall voted for a bill that, at least on two issues, violated his principles?

Perhaps Tom Udall has no principles?

If you believe in food stamps and labeling of GMO’s, you have to question whether Tom Udall is fit to hold the seat he now occupies.

More than likely he voted for the amendments as political cover and voted for the bill because it helped a lot of big farm states Democrats who needed help getting re-elected. We will never know for sure and you can bet that Tom Udall will never tell his real reasons for voting yes or no on any bill.

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