You Now Have Healthcare But do You Have a Doctor?

 Posted:  May 26, 2014

Thanks to Tom Udall and ObamaCare lots of people are being added to Medicaid. One would think that this has solved the problem of people not having access to healthcare in the United States which once had a pretty good health care system that has been damaged by the Federal governments attempts to run something they have no aptitude for. It is nearly impossible to point to ONE Federal program that is efficiently run, achieves it’s stated mission, does so economically and quickly, and helps more than it hurts.

With ObamaCare pushed by Tom Udall, and helped by Susana Martinez, lots more people have been added to the Medicaid rolls. You would think this solves the problem of people who didn’t have coverage. However, what Tom Udall doesn’t realize, and couldn’t because he doesn’t think this way, is that Doctors are not government slaves. They choose their patients, run their business, treat patients the way that makes sense to them, and have to charge accordingly.

As this article points out, “Expansion of Medicaid doesn’t mean expansion of access to medical care.”

What Tom Udall has created is a situation where individuals have lost their plans, have lost their doctors, have had to pay larger deductibles and had to pay for services they don’t want or need. Tom Udall has shrunk opportunities of care for 85% of New Mexicans in order to do something with the 15% who don’t have care because, in some cases, it is just easier to go to the emergency room.

When bills start to explode because sick Medicaid patients can’t get a doctor and have to go to the emergency rooms to be treated, give Tom a call.

When the Federal government stops subsidizing Medicaid in New Mexico ask Susana Martinez what she was thinking?

Doctors are no fools. When they spend more to treat a patient than they can get paid, why would they take the patient? By the way, how is the government run V.A. working for us these days?

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