You Owe the Federal Government $55,684 and Counting!

 Posted:  September 17, 2014

The Federal Government spends like a bunch of drunk sailors on liberty. They spend on everything they can think of, and a whole lot of things we couldn’t ever imagine.

When you hit your credit card limit you get no more credit and you start getting calls from the credit card company.

When the Federal government reaches their limit, they just raise their own limit. (That is so freakin! unbelievable).

The National debt clock in New York stands just below $ 18 trillion dollars and hasn’t been running for a while because no one can find batteries to run the clock (just kidding).

Your share of the debt is close to $56,000 dollars. The U.S. debt as a percentage of GDP is 102.39%.

So, you can tell your kids and grandkids that YOU let the Federal Government spend on whatever they wanted and your kids and grandkids will have to sacrifice to pay the debt because they will be the only ones around when the bank shuts down.

Tom Udall has NEVER voted not to increase the Federal Government’s Debt Limit and justifies it by saying that “it has never been done so why start now?”

Is that what you want from your representative? Unlimited spending, incredible debt, $500 BILLION A YEAR IN INTEREST PAYMENTS?

When the Federal Reserve raises the interest rates and the Feds have to pay more on their borrowed money and can’t – then what will Tom Udall do?

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