Your Indoctrination

 Posted:  September 1, 2014

Most haven’t thought about the origins of public education in the United States or realized that education was reserved in older times for the elites. In Ancient Greece and Rome, children had tutors if their parents were wealthy. Education was denied the lower classes and a master didn’t want his slaves to know how to think or read.

When public education was instituted in the United States, the earliest proponents were progressives and industrialists. They wanted to indoctrinate the masses, and our school system was begun, a system that took kids out of families and gave education responsibilities to the state.

As a result we had parents that could work more for the elites, and kids that were taught to be obedient cogs in the industrial apparatus.

The above video is so right on so many levels that it shakes us up a little.

Don’t get excited about the good looking teacher on the video opening. The contents of the video are quite sobering.

Next time your son, daughter, or grandkids go out the door to school, you might wonder what they are being fed. Do you really want the state, or business tycoons to be deciding what the curriculum is for your family.

When you realize that Bill Gates is behind Common Core and Tom Udall voted for No Child Left Behind, the biggest intrusion of the state into education in the last few years, it should cause you to hesitate before you vote.

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