Your Voting, or Not Voting, Will Make a Difference

 Posted:  November 4, 2014

The linked article below shows the election prognostications. It indicates that a lot of pollsters feel that the U.S. Senate has a good chance of switching hands, with the Republicans taking the reins and the Democrats having to ride inside the coach. This possible victory by the Republicans does not mean they will have a mandate to make drastic changes. It does mean, however, that all the passed legislation that was passed in the U.S House of Representatives will be able to be brought to the floor for an up or down vote.

Harry Reid, the do nothing Senate Majority leader, will finally be required to sit down and keep his mouth shut and make the Democratic Senators have to vote on bills that might help the economy, turbo charge the energy sector, or correct the excesses of the ObamaCare wrecking ball.

Your vote matters, whether you choose to go to the polls, or stay home.

If you are not happy with the way things are going, not happy with the current POTUS and his administration, you can either stay home and not vote to protest, or vote against Tom Udall to make even a bigger statement.

National media have been fawning over Tom Udall for years, but don’t feel that you are the only one that has questions about his performance. This 3,000 page Website has all the information you need to decide wisely whether Tom Udall represents you or not.

Tom Udall can stand at a debate and say all kinds of things, but he hasn’t backed them up with his votes. He voted to let banks and stock brokerages gamble with your money (Glass-Steagall Act). He supports a Federal Reserve that inflates your money and helps the rich get richer. He pushes to open borders and let more competition enter the U.S. for your jobs (check his position on Work Visas doe foreigners). He has voted for a Farm Act bill that cuts food stamps and gives subsidies to rich farmers (Farm Bill of 2014). He has voted to cut Veteran’s benefits and was no where to be found when the Vet’s needed his help in the VA scandal.

If you have any moderation in your bones, Tom Udall is not a good fit. He is the MOST liberal Senator in Congress and , true to his progressive roots, pals around with Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken.

Vote wisely this election. Think before you make your final decision. Voting the party line is not always a good thing.

The list goes on and on.

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